Competitive Shroomish

Posted By: Mitch O'Connor - entropysamples

Status: Open


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Clover: Yes
5/6 IVs: Yes Shiny: Not Shiny
Nature: Adamant Ability: Quick Feet


Competitive Shroomish with Life Orb and Egg Move Bullet Seed. I have 3 (2 female, 1 male) so multiple offers welcome.

Competitive Shroomish you ask? Quick Feet Shroomish evolves into Technician Breloom. Technician increases power of moves with base power equal or lower than 60 but a factor of 1.5. STAB Mach Punch and Bullet Seed leaves your foes in tatters.

Wanted Pokemon (if any): Offer a HA or a competitive shiny and we'll see.

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