St Lucia Pokémon League Day 1

Posted By: Rachel Spain

Event Date: 15 Apr 2016 14:00
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We hope you're ready to compete in our first St Lucia Pokémon League Day for the year. These ever popular events allow you to wander around the UQ St Lucia campus (Town Map in hand) to locate our Gym Leaders, win badges, take on the Elite 4 and become the Champion. If you would like to start building your team, please find the Club's rule set here:

Please note that competitors are welcome to battle out of X, Y, OR or AS. However, Gym Leaders and the Elite 4 MUST battle out of ORAS. We also cannot stress enough how important it is for all of you to bring your 3DS charger and to ensure you charge your console overnight. Please note that we cannot guarantee all gyms will be located near powerpoints.

As always, the day will start at 10am in the SLC (the Pokémon Centre), which without doubt has been unofficially dubbed the Pokémon Fan Club of UQ Headquarters. We kindly ask the Gym Leaders and Elite 4 to arrive at 9am and competitors to arrive at 9.30am. We will have a lunch break at 12.30pm, where everyone will meet back at the SLC.

The Club will be selling button badges for $1 each or 8 for $5 (if you can win them). We will also be selling soft drinks for the usual $2 a can.

WHEN: Saturday 16 April
WHERE: Start at the SLC (the Science Learning Centre in the Priestly Building (67)).
WHAT TO BRING: 3DSes, 3DS chargers, lunch (or money for lunch).

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