PFCUQ Showdown Series: Suspect Testing

Posted By: Matt Lee

Event Date: 23 Feb 2017 14:00
FB Event Link:

To kick off semester one, we have decided to run a Suspect Showdown Tour - a format of our own design! Our VGC Convenors want to test run where all the Tapus and Ultra Beasts will be placed on the PFCUQ Restricted List, with all other Pokémon currently on the Restricted List being unavailable. For convenience, and to save some confusion, you will find a copy of PFCUQ's ruleset here: We need to double check some things before the Gen VII ruleset is finalised!

Per usual, the way the tour will run is dependant on numbers. As it stands, there will be a standard round robin stage with 2 groups, and a top cut of 4 or 8 depending on numbers. This may shift to a Swiss format if there are larger numbers. And don't forget, you can chat to your competitors during the tour using the PFCUQ Discord, available here: Given this is an external event, this is the best way to keep in contact with everyone throughout the tour!

'Have Luck Good Fun' - Mitchell Barfoot, 2017.

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