Pokemon Sun and Moon Launch Party

Posted By: Rachel Spain

Event Date: 16 Nov 2016 14:00
FB Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/318200171872129/

The hype for Gen 7 is real. Like so real. With additions such as the Meme Tree and Mimikyu, and what seems to be the deletion of HM moves and collecting eight gym badges, there are definitely exciting times ahead for all of us.

In the spirit of celebrating the end of the exam season and the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, we are booking a room on campus to watch some movies, host some battles, and play TCG friendlies. At around 9pm the executive plan to coordinate a pilgrimage to Albert Street EB Games, where a midnight launch is being hosted.

A venue is yet to be confirmed through central room bookings, and we still haven't decided on what movies we will be screening (requests welcome). At the moment, consider this a save the date.

"BUT I'VE ALREADY PRE-ORDERED MY GAME AT ANOTHER EB!!!" we hear you cry. Don't stress. You just need to speak with your local EB about transferring your pre-order to the Albert Street store. Easy.

More details to be released as they come to us. Looking forward to it!

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