Theme League Day and Annual General Meeting

Posted By: Rachel Spain

Event Date: 07 Oct 2016 14:00
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With the passing of the financial audit and the month of October comes two things for PFCUQ - Theme League Day and our Annual General Meeting.

Our Theme League Day is similar to our regular League Days, but with a twist. Each gym leader will have an aesthetically themed team, so you won't know what's coming until you're there to see it first hand.

There is also NO ELITE FOUR. Please note that while competitors aren't required to have a themed team, it certainly adds to the fun. You will find the ruleset here:

During our regular 12.30pm to 1.30pm lunch break, we will be hosting the Club's 2016 AGM. During this meeting, the President, Secretary and Treasurer will present annual reports. After this, all executive committee members will step down from their positions and a new committee will be elected to take over management of the Club for the 2016-17 year.

Given the elections, for the next fourteen (14) days nominations for all executive positions will be open to current Club members. These positions include:
- 1 President
- 1 Secretary
- 1 Treasurer
- 1 Social Convenor
- 1 Trading Card Game Convenor
- 2 Video Games Convenors

If you are interested in nominating for a position, you can find more information on the responsibilities involve here:

All nominations must be forwarded to the Secretary at moc.liamg|bulcnafnomekopqu#moc.liamg|bulcnafnomekopqu. Please ensure your nomination includes:
- Name
- Student Number
- Position you are nominating for
- 2-3 sentences on why you think you would be ideal for the role

Please note that nominations will also be open on the floor at the AGM, in case you need more time to mull it over.

*This Facebook event description shall constitute official notice of the Pokémon Fan Club of UQ's 2016 Annual General Meeting. Quorum for any General Meeting of this Club is triple the number of the executive plus one, which is presently 22 members. If we do not achieve quorum, the Club will fold and no longer exist.*

Per usual, the Club will be selling soft drinks for $2 a can. Lunch will not be catered, but UQ does have limited options open on campus on a Saturday.

WHAT: Theme League Day and Annual General Meeting
WHEN: Saturday 8 October, 10am to 5pm
WHERE: Science Learning Centre, Priestley Building (67)
WHAT TO BRING: 3DSes, chargers, lunch (if you want).

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