The Amazing Race: Pokémon Go! Edition

Posted By: Mustard

Event Date: 29 Jul 2016 14:00
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The Pokémon Fan Club of UQ and QUT Pokémon have decided to set our rivalries aside and join forces to conquer Brisbane in the race to catch 'em all. We're asking our members to travel on foot, starting at UQ's Grassy Knoll, to complete the Pokédex. We care not about where your allegiences lie, whether they be Valor, Mystic or Instinct, nor if you're an old hand or new to the community. Everyone is welcome!

The event is an amazing race. You will be given booklets with clues. You will have to find us and collect items to travel onwards. And you will have to collect Pokémon along the way. We've picked out prime locations across UQ, the CBD, QUT Gardens Point and Southbank - so we suggest comfortable clothing and sensible footwear.

Please note that registration for this event is absolutely mandatory - no exceptions

A registration form will be released in the coming days. You can complete this in pairs or as individuals. We will then put you into groups of six, to take on the race together - because…Pokémon is about friendship and stuff. Please note that teams will be capped at a certain number (TBA), so first in best dressed!

Please arrive by 9.30am for teams to be finalised. Our kick off is 10.00am sharp. We estimate the event ending at around 3.00pm in Southbank Parklands. We will have a list of names, so anyone who shows up without registering will not be able to play.

You must be a member of either QUT Pokémon ($5, but also provides membership to QUT Anime & Manga) or PFCUQ ($3) to participate in this event. You are welcome to complete the registration form and purchase membership from us on the day.

- We suggest you purchase and bring with you a spare battery charger. We all know how much Pokémon Go! eats battery and data.
- A lunch break has been organised on QUT's campus, but you will need to bring your own food/money to buy lunch. QUT has a range of eating options readily available.
- Fresh water bottles are a must - 50HP right there.
- Sunscreen is also important. Wear that, please.
- We also suggest that you purchase a Translink Go card. That will help you exponentially.
- If you'd like to cosplay, we absolutely encourage it.
- Raffle prizes will be a thing.
- Please exercise your common sense. Just because there are Pokémon through your mobile does not mean there aren't people in front of you or traffic on the roads.

Get ready: your very own Pokémon (Go!) journey is about to unfold.

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